Southern Comfort

The crew of Pippin arrived at the Nanfang Theater here in Guangzhou today after a six hour bus ride. The scenery on the way here was amazing. I expected a lot of farm land but instead it was a lot of natural landscape with a few roadside stop stations sprinkled along the way. The students who were in Pippin before had a few complaints about the theater: “Oh, it’s so small,” “Oh, it’s so dirty,” etc. but they’ll get over it quickly. They must make it their home.

We had some issues getting our materials from Shantou to Guangzhou. We couldn’t fit one our keyboards on the bus. We left the one we did bring on the bus when we got off in Guangzhou. Some students had to go retrieve it. The students left some of the pulley invisible fishing line at the school so we had to go out and buy some more. In fact, we are making small purchases left and right: clips to hold color gels on the lights, makeup for when the actors arrive, lots of water, etc.

The set is going up just fine. I’ve opted for a much more intimate curved backdrop which limits down the stage space. The band is getting settled in the House Right corner. Their nickname is Code Violation now that the band officially violates fire codes by blocking one of the exits of the theater. It’s pretty tight in the pit and there are a number of sloped surfaces so some things (like the drumkit high hat and such) have to weighed down.

Lighting will go up tonight and sound tomorrow morning.

The crew is really bonding and I think they need that. Eating dinner together and rooming together is a big part of it, I think. They feel like a team and that is all that I can hope for especially with the amount of time I have been spending with the cast of the show.