One thing I was sure to do this time after completing a major project (Pippin in Guangzhou) was to solicit a responses from the participants. Just like the dreaded corporate surveys and teacher evaluations, I wanted to get a feel for what went well and what needed work.

I ended up asking three questions:

  1. What was the best thing about the tour?
  2. What was the worst thing about the tour?
  3. What did you learn from the tour?

There ended up being some really interesting responses. Unfortunately, getting responses from ESL speakers was that responses were about one or two sentences for each person instead of a more in depth analysis. I stumbled upon one longer response from Yan Ou, a senior at STU who worked as the jack(ette) of all trades officially assigned to be the House Manager but really worked on a lot of other things.
Some other excerpts:

The Good:

  • “Persistence, showing the world what we have…”
  • “Enlarged my perspectives”
  • “Everyone collaborated as a string”
  • “Everyone showed great passion to cooperate and make things done.”

The Bad:

  • “We did not have much breakthrough.”
  • “Schedule was too tight.”
  • “Everyone was so tire and some one did not cooperate well.”
  • “Logistics and management were bad.”
  • “Everything was so last-minute, drove people crazy, did not eat or sleep that much for the musical, life was disordered.”

The Learned:

  • “Take adventure, be responsible.”
  • “How to deal with the hardship in the new environment…”
  • “Better understand my role, be brave to exert it, rather than worrying ‘it is ugly’…”
  • “Teamwork. Cooperation.”
  • “The external situation could be never predicted, but that we were gonna succeed was predictable, no matter how hard it would be.”
  • “We learned how to make the best of what we have…”
  • “Learned many things, not necessarily learned, but got the feelings. Participating in the GZ tour is a chance to experience the real society.”
  • “How to be a workaholic”