A New Look

As you can see, the site went took on a whole new look. I changed skins to an equally clean design but with a little more color. After all, I like to think of myself as at least somewhat colorful. This template also gave me a chance to add a sidebar that can display more information on the main page rather than burying items in menus. Also, this template is a bit better at working with internet explorer but I still have some issues to work out. Of course, Firefox users should see everything perfectly. I’ve added my del.icio.us tag cloud and will be looking into adding my Flickr photos soon.

Apologies to those who are reading this via RSS reader. I have had to do a lot of reposting because of categorical tagging issues. So, unfortunately, you’ll have to put up with a lot of re-posting for now until I get all my posts tagged again. Thanks for bearing with me!

Peace, Ryan Kellett