Plagarism in China’s Higher Education

Internet Exposes Plagarism in China – Boston Globe

In the article you’ll find that Shantou University was one of the few universities to “make a crack in the quiet complicity” of plagarism in higher education in China. However, let it be known that little firing was far from the norm. Plagarism and cheating is rampant at the University on all levels: teachers and students. It seems to be part of the culture to think that it is acceptable to plagarize off the internet (and it is always off the internet since there are not a lot of other sources to work with). Teachers are simply looking for ways to get their students through their courses and to a degree. Teachers go so far as to cheat for the students by giving them answers for exams and inflating grades to pass students. Students are beginning to expect “help” from their teachers when they struggle now too. Read a some stories from STU on Morgan Agnew’s Blog.

Is this a cultural issue? The plagarism transfers over to issues like piracy and international copyrights. Right now, I do see it as a cultural difference in thought-processes and the solution needs to be treated as such. There needs to be a fundamental change from the ground up in dealing with plagarism and cheating. There are two main solutions: 1) crack down hard on students and teachers alike and set examples that cheating is not okay, 2) Begin programs to teach students how to effectively document sources and get help when they are struggling. There needs to be a strict policy and a support system to help students who would be most likely to go down the cheating road.