Week 1: Friday Frustrations

On Friday, I finished up my first week of the corporate life. And despite the cushy chair, the 68th floor view, and the Bloomberg news, I left a bit frustrated. My task in the latter part of the week was to complete the data analysis for the Chinese Rumnibi 1-month non-deliverable forward (1mNDF). I understood the tedious task of dating the transactions and calculating the profit/loss but I still managed to screw it up. It’s frustrating when, after working on something for a day or two, your work is completely and wholly wrong. In fact, it was more like backwards with an occasional typing mistake. But still, I’m no dummy; I’d like to think I could complete simple mathematical and logic calculations correctly.

I guess for now I must temper my frustration with patience. I’m entirely new to the field, relying on my year of Economics in high school to help me get by and this job is about as far from educational theater as they come. Anyway, today I (re)completed the analysis correctly and my superior sent it out with some edits and commentary. That proved to be a slight boost to my spirits but I’ll take what I can get for now.


One thought on “Week 1: Friday Frustrations”

  1. Your Chinese Ma had said many times, understanding the theory is one thing, practicing to make it perfect is another. Understanding it requires big picture comprehension skill; doing it requires focus and one needs to be sort of detail oriented to do it right. Repetitiveness helps in actually making it perfect… think concert pianist and violinist.

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