Open Your Golden Gate: San Francisco News Items

Some San Francisco news:

San Francisco Airport Named No. 1 in the World – CBS

If 7 million customers from 93 countries voted, they can’t be wrong right? All I know is that the domestic terminals look like death and the TSA still forces you to take off your shoes. Architecturally, there are a lot of copycat designs of the SF International terminal. The Guangzhou airport has got that soaring glass minimalist feel too. Hong Kong airport, coming in at number two on the list, also has got the same type of design.

Catch a Wave and Your Sitting On Top of the World – SFist

So, Gavin is up to something again. Wave catchers that produce enough electricity to power San Francisco? Low-profile design that doesn’t ruin the view of the Bay? Okay, cool but how realistic is this? By the time they start building this, Newsom will be running for president.