Career Path

“Working” here at State Street has forced me to think intensively about career choices. I would say I devote nearly 20% of my day thinking about whether I want to be involved in the finance world in my future. That’s every day and, quite frankly, it’s driving me nuts. It’s almost as if there is a natural pressure to figure out what to do, right now. This must be what seniors feel in job hunting, except they long ago declared their major.

I know, I know, many will say “oh, don’t worry about it, I changed my major X times” or “you’re just a freshmen, why are you feeling pressured?” Well, the fact is I have to come in to work each day and this issue isn’t going away. Every day is a fast-forward-five-years reality check to what should I be doing with my life.

I’m appreciative that I get a chance to see what things look like early but what if I don’t like what I see? What sort of adjustments do I need to change my life (and plan) accordingly? Should I be changing my outlook? Looks like I’m stuck thinking about this for another month or so. At that time, I’ll be sure to map out my official life plan and submit it to the  International Department of the Future (IDF) for approval. Good luck to me.