Commuting, Hong Kong Style

Until this point in my life, I never really commuted anywhere. In college, I roll out of bed, walk across the street to my class. My high school was a four block walk. My mother drove me the 7.5 minutes to school each day in middle-school. So, I never really understood the life of a commuter until now. I now better understand just how complex it is when masses of people all need to get where they’re going at the same time. Figures suggest that upwards of 2.5 million people must get to work and school each day in Hong Kong. I take the most utilized transit method, the MTR, but buses, taxis, trains, and more also do the trick.

Timing is everything. Yesterday, I left the house at 8:40AM and encountered a subway car absolutely packed full with barely any room to stand. At least the MTR doesn’t resort to pushing people in like in Japan. Today, I left the house at 8:50AM and I found a seat with ease. Those ten minutes make a big difference in the commute, as I’m sure regular commuters all already know.

One of the fun things about working in Central district is that nearly all the buildings are connected. So when it rains, like it did today, I can get from the MTR all the way to the office without ever stepping foot outside.