Family Values Under One Roof

Today marks the second week living under the same roof as my grandfather, uncle, aunt, two philippine maids, and two counsins. The idea of living with extended family in a bustling household has never been a reality to me. I am an only child who lived with my two parents in a relatively calm house (minus the cat and dog), in a quiet neighborhood. Now, I wake to my cousins fighting in the living room, a maid trying to get one of my cousins to eat, my grandfather ranting about what has made the newspaper today, and my uncle showering before going to work. I try not to let the little things bug me but, in general, living with more people is a good thing. There is a true sense of bonding and understanding. Everyone takes care of one another. So no matter how much I hate that my grandpa (who I share a room with) goes to bed at 8:30PM and gets up at 6:30AM, I think it’s good to have this experience of living with family.