Baidu and Chinese Blogging

Just as the Chinese government today announced further tightening on search and blogging censorship rules, Chinese Google equivalent Baidu is launching a blogging platform called Baidu Space on July 13. It joins a bunch of websites that offer approved blogs in China. In fact, it’s quite competitive to get Chinese users to sign on. An interview with Blogcn‘s (now a Baidu Space competitor) Hu Zhiguang on gives great insights into the blogging world in China. Of most interest, Hu points out something that I have witnessed too: Chinese blogs “are more lifestyle and entertainment oriented” but the Chinese are more willing to express themselves than American bloggers. Chinese students, from what I have seen, post considerably about music and concerts but rarely about current events, political or not. I also have noticed, as Hu says, that most Chinese bloggers are girls, more willing to express emotion articulately and less likely to be playing online games. And as Stephen Baker mentions, another interesting thing Hu says is that “those who post forbidden words” (like “Falun Gong” or “Tienanmen Square”) are “not real bloggers” and “know it will be deleted.”