The Great Firewall of China

Academics Break the Great Firewall of China –

Yea, so I’m a bit shakey on the technical aspects of it, but apparently it’s really easy to launch a “reasonably effective” denial-of-service attack on China’s great censorship firewalls. If you just shut down the internet for the entire country, that should really show the Chinese government that they can’t escape the powers of the internet.

Yahoo! China Faces New Copyright Law – TechCrunch

So “90% of all music sold in China is pirated and Yahoo! China includes links to unaffiliated sites selling pirated music.” So, Yahoo/Alibaba is being sued by some internation federation when really what should be done is the individual pirated music sellers should be put out of business. How about just asking Yahoo to delist as many of those music sites? How about working to change the Chinese youth culture which fundamentally thinks there is nothing wrong at all with piracy? This Federation of something or other doesn’t have their head in the game because they are not focusing on the roots of the problem.