Rogue or Real? : The Unapproved Graduation Speech

High school valedictorian’s speech condemns U.S. education system –

When this high school valedictorian decided to take his two minutes on stage during graduation to go off on the U.S. educational system. Who better than a student, the product of the system, to denounce it. The principal of the school yanked the student pretty quick but what he had to say was (perhaps less than eloquently…) valid. My only thought is that the environment is not going to get much better since this student is going to Princeton. No matter how much you hate the system, you still play the game. More on that by New York City Teacher of the Year, John Gatto. I applaud this student’s courage especially in context because it is so easy to let graduation mean turn into a let’s-hold-hands-and-sing-kumbaya fest.

Also, go out there a listen to Sir Ken Robinson on creativity in education.

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