Student Tracking

Group Student Tracking Assailed –

The idea: instate a national “unit” student tracking system. No, we’re not talking about marking your location at this very moment but rather gathering statistics on the U.S. education system. That means figuring out on a national scale how many students enroll, transfer, dropout, and graduate from specific colleges. Proponents say: accountability for all schools. Critics say: invasion of privacy.

To tell you the truth, this is blown way out of proportion on both sides. Advocates of this program need to get a grip and stop worrying about one hundred percent accurate counts on how many college student are where. These aren’t super important statics that cannot be tabulated any other way. How is knowing how many (and where) students are transferring to going to help the change the system? Focus maybe on the quality of the sytem instead. Critics of this proposal should understand that you can figure out more than the requested information with a Google search and Facebook so give the privacy rant a rest.