All the rage these days in Digg.com so I decided to give it a try. The site’s original purpose was to track tech news stories. In fact, the premise is that users can “digg” stories, giving a story a vote essentially. Those with the most votes over a certain amount of time get promoted to the front page. The entire site is about as Web 2.0 as one can get, relying entirely on users to submit and vote for stories.

The site looks and works well but my first impresion was less than fantastic mostly because I can track good stories I find on the internet with my del.icio.us page with built in integration to my web browser (Flock, at the moment). The real value of Digg comes when just browsing around. One can find some really great random articles that are really intriguing, funny, and informative. As Dan Mitchell of the NYTimes points out, this also means dragging up old articles from the internet archives.
Check out what I have recently Dugg.

Digg is also a great example of the principles outlined in the Wisdom of Crowds. Review forthcoming.