Mapping Your Politics

1A few years ago, I took the political compass test which measures political leanings in more complex terms than the simple left-right spectrum. On the x-axis is economically left or right with Communism on the far left and Neo-liberalism (complete laissez-faire) on the far right. On the y-axis is the social scale with the extremes of libertarianism and authoritarianism. The first time I took this test, I ranked somwhere near Pope John Paul II, meaning slightly left on the economic scale and slightly authoritarian. Now, it seems I have remained unchanged in my economic leanings but have moved down to the land of social left. Maybe going to college has liberalized my views on a number of issues, accounting for the shift on the social scale. I would have expected a shift of my economic measure to the right, though, due to my recent classes in politics and readings of globalization books. Not that this test is the perfect measure of anything, but I think I will attempt to take this test every year or so to measure shifts in my overall thought processes.

Fun fact: Compared with classical musicians, I am most closely aligned in scale with the politics of Shostakovich (who got imprisoned for his political views and music about his political feelings). I am close to Mozart and Britten!



One thought on “Mapping Your Politics”

  1. I remember when we took this, Colin and I were the only two who landed in the libertarian-right quadrant. And I believe we were both very close to the center. Somehow, I’ve become a little more generous about my money, and lot more socially liberal. Although, I must say, I’m honored to share a quadrant with Nelson Mandela and the Dalai Lama. Unfortunately, that also means I’m the same as every UHS student…

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