Tufts To Test Students’ Creativity

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Tufts University is starting a campaign to “test” students’ creativity in the admissions process. Next year, students might write short stories, create ad campaigns, respond to videos, and more. Sounds like fun, right? I like the intentions in that admissions should be based on more than just SAT scores and grades but I’m not sure there’s a fair and adequate way to measure creativity. After all, who’s to say Susie’s made-up advertisement is better than Josie’s short story. Even in the same medium, is Ronnie’s stellar execution in watercolor better than Donnie’s conceptual point? I’m sure Tufts will get the process down right after a few years of this experiment, and so I applaud them for being bold enough to try it out. 

But this really comes down to “better predicting the ability of minority students.” The fact is that the race (no pun intended) is on among undergraduate institutions in the Northeast. Everyone needs to have diversity and Tufts is doing good to not only get underrepresented students to apply but to also find reasons to admit them when its hard to argue the scores. I have a feeling other institutions will pick this up quickly.

Props to Tufts if it can get high schools and elementary schools to work on pumping up their arts programs too…

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  1. It will be interesting to see the outcome of this shift in the admissions process. i also wonder how this could alter the “cascade effect” among URMs if implemented on a larger scale.

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