Camp Ryan

1As a former camper and counselor and almost-camp-director, I can’t help but blog Slate’s latest series on the summer camp: Notes from the Wilderness. There is a little something in there for everyone. After all, you could find out how what kind of camper you were is related to your current status in life. I probably was a mix between a camp cultist (I went back to be a counselor and will send my kids in my stead when I’m too old) and a camper hater (I surely complained a lot about how camp was disorganized and inefficient). Then again, I wasn’t exactly a normal camper seeing as I went to singing camp (like band camp without instruments) and nerd camp (a.k.a., Center for Talented Youth or CTY). I loved both in their own special ways (singing for the music and CTY for meeting coolest dorks ever) but nothing beats being a minor god. Yea, camp counseling is fun but it definitely isn’t the easiest summer job. Then again, all this talk of summer camp makes me really want a summer internship at for putting out snarky articles like these.


2 thoughts on “Camp Ryan”

  1. I went to nerd camp! Not only CTY, but, and I’m only admitting this to you because I trust you (and posting it on your blog for the rest of the world is just collateral damage), I went to computer camp, too. Oh, the shame!

  2. Also, can we discuss the prospect of summer internships? Because I know what I want, but I don’t know how to get it, and you always know how to get things done. I mean, seriously, whose Manolo-clad foot do I have to kiss to get an intership at Vogue?

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