Martial arts + sitcom setting + universal cartoon humor + sound effects + rock concert = Jump

Last night, I had the pleasure of wrapping up the week with one of the best pieces of theatre I’ve seen in a long time. Jump is martial arts based play put on by a group from South Korea. It is incredibly family oriented with its cartoon humor (think Tom & Jerry or even some old popular shows like I Love Lucy) while also being incredibly exhilerating to watch with the emotional martial arts. There isn’t much plot: a family is strictly ruled by a grandfather who trains the family in martial arts. One day two theives break into the house and the family must take care of the pesky intruders. A lot of the show is simply for the sole purpose of showing off the martial arts feats choreographed to blaring guitar solos (the rock music). What really makes the show hold its own is the actors themselves which sell every last bit of humor. Their consistency pays off for grumpy audience members like me which don’t necessarily appreciate every last cartoon act. The direction and concept is superb. The blend of art forms is seamless. It’s universally appealing while also being culturally informative. I can see perfectly why they won last year’s Edinburgh Fringe.
Not to rip the South Koreans but I’d like to give some thought to putting togehter a martial arts play in the future. Got talent? Drop me a line.