Things Are Looking Up

Things Are Looking Up

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I have a newfound love for Taiwanese sculptor Ju Ming who has a mall exhbition up at Times Square in Causeway Bay, the shopping mecca of Hong Kong. Normally, mall exhibitions are awful affairs with reproductions of well known pieces for sale or a few ugly things dropped into a mall setting. But Ju Ming’s exhibition works wonders on the crowds. His outdoor sculptures are life-sized “people” all who are taking part in the buzzing atmosphere of the square. A businessperson, a father taking carrying his child, a teenager with headphones on, a postman. Ju Ming crafts these delightful works with his arms and hands in large broad strokes. He oftens paints them when he’s done. His signature seems to be the umbrella which populate his outdoor works. Indoors, he features the “Skirt Series” which is an interesting take on a dancers use of her skirt in various positions. Ju Ming not only is talented and innovative with his work but also has a sense of humor in the context of the sculptures. This makes me appreciate the umbrella men at Shantou University even more!

Click into the picture above to take a look at some more of the series.