Axinn Center for Lit and Culture

The Press Release: In Middlebury news, the school officially announced its renovation and transformation of the Starr Library (built in 1900) into the Donald Everett Axinn ’51 Center for Literature and Cultural Studies. The space is meant to united History, English, American Literature, American Studies, Creative Writing, and Film & Media Culture. That means a lot of professors will be moving offices there along with adding classrooms and film studios. The Axinn Center will open in the fall of 2008.

The Ryan Release: Before we figure out a good nickname for the Axel-rod Woodcuttting Center, I just want to share my disappointment with Middlebury for finally putting a wealthy alumnus’ name on a new building. After all, I like that the “new” library will be forever “new” because no individual poneyed up the major donation to put their mark on it. Maybe I’m more impressed that it will be done in time for me to spend two years buddying up with teachers in the new space. I don’t know about the claim to “the finest Beaux-Arts and International Style design in the state,” but I am happy to report that Middlebury is going with a environmentally friendly design again. I can smell the $31.7 Million in renewable local Vermont wood.