The Local Spot

I love pretending that I am a local in a city where I’m clearly not. It’s not that I like fooling people. No, I think there is a certain bond that locals share that I want get in on. Perhaps it’s also my ego and aversion to embarassment that makes me hate playing tourist. It’s almost a challenge to me to see if I can fit in. Here in Hong Kong, it means dressing like an office worker and speaking Cantonese. I’ve failed on a few occasions due to some tell-tale signs of not being a local:

  • Not speaking fast enough in Chinese
  • Not arguing in Chinese
  • Carrying English books or an English newspaper
  • Not holding chopsticks properly when eating
  • Ordering cold water at restaurants
  • Pointing to an item on the menu instead of speaking the order in a restaurant

I’ll add to the list as things come up. What are the signs of being a local in your corner of the earth?


One thought on “The Local Spot”

  1. Well let’s see…
    Using the sidewalk in Times Square
    Trying to see the whole Met in one day
    Going to see Beauty and the Beast or Tarzan
    Socks and sandals
    Eating at Tavern on the Green
    Taking one of those carriage rides through the park

    You’ll notice these actions don’t so much demonstrate that one is not a local so much as demonstrate that one is a much-maligned tourist. How’d you set these time bomb posts to go off anyway?

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