Postpositive Realism

That sounds pretty simple. But there is rather more behind it than the belief that we should all just try to get along. Diversity (of background, of experience, of disciplinary formation) is not something that exists alongside or in addition to whatever happens in the “real world.” It is an inescapable and enabling condition of life in a more or less democratic society. And anyone who wants it to become more democratic, rather than less, has an interest in learning to understand both its inequities and how other people are affected by them. – Scott McLemee, Inside Higher Education

The somewhat overly intellectualized article reviewing the high points of the Future of Minority Studies Colloquium at Stanford University, attempts to delve into the definition and implications of ominous sounding “Postpositive Realism,” whatever the heck it actually is. To me, it makes sense that there needs to be new ways of thinking about “cultural identities and its discontents.” No one can sit there idly and say diversity has nothing to do with them. The link to democracy, here, is key in bringing people in to the discussion.

What is implications for higher education? Do we stop dividing out cultural studies and diversity intiatives?