The Economist Tirade

Last semester, I subscribed to The Economist to keep up to date on world issues while couped up in the far-away land of Vermont. My subscription ran out over the summer and they wrote me this letter:

Dear Ryan Kellett,

Your timing could hardly be worse. Just as the world is connecting, opening up unprecedented opportunities…

…you go and break your connection to The Economist.

Is it the bottom line? Cost cutting? It’s true you’ll save a bit by cutting The Economist. But think of what you’ll lose.

E. M. O’Rourke, Chief Operating Officer

Ain’t that a bit brash for wanting me to re-subscribe to their magazine? This is how they want to win me back? While I admire thinking differently about keeping a consumer, I think The Economist could use a lesson or two in making nice. There are infinitely more angles to pursue on getting the customer in this situation. They could have mentioned recent events like the terror plot in Britain and ask readers if they felt informed. They could do what other magazines do and offer an extra gift. Guilting me? It’s not going to work.