John Karr

Two days ago, breaking news of the JonBenet Ramsey murder suspect John Karr caught in Thailand hit the internet and television broadcasts. Last night, word broke to media that Karr had worked in San Francisco at a prestigious Catholic all-girls elementary school. That school was none other than Convent of the Sacred Heart, the sister school to Stuart Hall (where I went to school) all located on the Broadway hill. It must have caused quite a scare to school adminstrators when they realized all of this but if the school knows anything besides raising money, it is indeed public relations. Convent quickly released an email to the entire community with the hope of letting alumni and parents “know the facts immediately rather than having you speculative accounts in the press.” And the school beat the press, if only by a number of hours. I say, that’s the good call of the day.

The connection does point to the fact that background checks are often limited to within the state. When I get fingerprinted for summer camp jobs and such, the database searched is only within California. There is the possibility to search the FBI database but I have never been subjected to that. Perhaps Convent would not have hired Karr if they had found that he had been arrested in Colorado for child pornography.


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  1. Hey, good post here. I just wanted to say that there will inevitably be a lot of scrutiny into Karr’s background now that he has come out as a prime suspect in the JB case, and there will be numerous instances of people wondering how he could have gotten a job or whatever. It’s worth bearing in mind that these types of predators are often able to blend in well, and don’t always send up red flags when they’re interviewed. Plus, Karr worked in the States, what, 10 or 15 years ago (he’s been teaching abroad ever since). Background checks weren’t nearly so comprehensive (fingerprinting, etc,) as they are now.

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