Facebook Notes = Blogs

Facebook added a “Notes” feature today to “share thoughts and stories with friends.” Basically, it’s a blog for facebookies to globally share their administration rants and drunken adventures. Unique to Facebook, though, is the ability to tag posts with friends. So, if you write about a road-trip gone wrong, you can tag the “note” with the friends you took the road trip with. There are no fancy features or formatting (no bold, italics, or underline but html tage may work). There is the availability to add photos to posts. My favorite feature, though, is the ability to import an external blog. That means when I post on my blog at ryankellett.com, my posts get syndicated directly to my Facebook.

Overall, the application is quite simple but the usage could be quite large since Notes get its own module on a person’s profile page. The progressive among students will syndicate their blogs and the rest might very well switch from a MySpace blog to a Facebook blog. Facebook’s interface is much simpler and cleaner than MySpace and might attract many users to switch. Facebook would be wise to add some more technical features (RSS, basic formatting, topic tags, etc.) soon. Once again, Facebook moved strategically to cement its userbase.


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