Little Miss Sunshine

I am failing to draw connection between the pre-pubescent beauty pageants JonBenet Ramsey was in and those same beauty pageants with a comic twist in Little Miss Sunshine, a new “indie” movie out in theaters. The very (dry) humorous story is of a atypically disfunctional family. The panic-prone smoker mother brings home her gay suicidal brother from the hospital one day, upsetting the failed motivational speaker father. The family has two kids: a Nietzsche-following older brother who has taken a vow of silence until reaching flight school and pudgy younger sister who practices her beauty pageant routine daily. Throw in the father’s father who is a heroin addict and you’ve got the cookiest family in history. They all manage to get in a yellow VW EuroBus and drive to the younger sister’s beauty pageant in Southern California.

This movie is has a realy punchy eccentric humor much like Woody Allen without going over the top. The movie keeps the jokes fresh and the plot continually surprises up to the very end. Be prepared for some off-the-wall stuff, but this “low-budget” film is well worth your time for some priceless jokes and memorable lines.