I needed a restaurant bad. My job: book a reservation for a few friends so we can see each other before going back to school. I know plenty of places in San Francisco but alas, I wanted someplace new. Enter:

Yelp is a place to review restaurants, doctors, bars, salons, dentists, or any place of business anywhere in the United States. But what makes it different from other sites like Citysearch or Zagat restaurant reviews? Yelp has real reviews from real people. Yes, people can have many different experiences and reactions to the same place. But people’s reviews usually balance out to the appropriate quality level of a business.

The site is clean and simple to use. You can search by neighborhood location, type of business, type of restaurant, rating, and more. You can read all the reviews, good and bad. For fast searches, just go by the easy ranking out of five stars. Yelp also differentiates itself from others on the web by adding social networking features. Add your friends. Let reviewers know if their reviews are useful, funny, or cool too. Mobile Yelp allows for people to check Yelp for reviews on the go.

I’ve added around 45 reviews mostly in San Francisco but also at Middlebury (which has only one other reviewer!). Check it out and start yelping:


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