On Rye, On Books

Amazon.com — the giant online retailer for everything and anything known to humankind. What if you could have your own Amazon online store integrated into your webpage? It’s a reality today as I installed “aStore,” an Amazon Associates product that allows me to build my own online shopping page and add it to my website. I went ahead and created On Rye, On Books, a list of twelve books I’ve read in the past month or two. I have added comments to the books so you can see what I thought. The site is hosted and run by Amazon.com, but I customized the site using their very intuitive and useful link building system (in beta as it debuted today).

It’s all part of the Associates program which pays me to refer people to Amazon (automatically tracking where referrals come from, no special codes or anything necessary). This may come as a shock. Extra! Extra! Ryan sells out to Amazon! While this does not count as advertising on my site, it does serve as a potential revenue source. Everytime someone buys a book (or any other product) through my links from my site, I get a referral fee. It’s 4% unless you end up selling an insane amount of items. For me this is worth it because I get to provide a snazzy website where visitors can browse what I have been reading but also I get a small fee to pay for the hosting costs of keeping ryankellett.com.

So far, I’ve made $1.56. That’s right, thanks to whoever purchased that $39 book in the last month.

So anytime you see a link to a book or item, I’m likely directing you to Amazon to purchase it. I wouldn’t lead you astray, though. Amazon has very competitive prices and, of course, that famous $25+ free shipping. Feel free to ignore any impulses to buy because of my setup but if you’re interested, great! I encourage you to shop to your heart’s content through my links (especially all that back to school textbook shopping! — really, I’d much rather you be shopping for educational books than much else…) as it helps pay for this blog. Thanks!

Check out: On Rye, On Books or use the link on the sidebar.