“That Facebook Thing” You Do

On Thursday, Dean of College Tim Spears and Dean of Student Affairs Ann Hanson sent out an email entitled: “The Facebook Thing: What You Might Like to Know” to the student population of Middlebury College. While elementary schools are banning MySpace and high schools are limiting access to Facebook, colleges know they don’t have any option but to beg students not to put their private lives in a public space online. As fun as it is for campus security to read about a huge party this weekend, the school realizes that the partying is the least of their worries. For such an open community and campus like Middlebury, it would be too easy to take advantage of the trust given here. There is rarely crime or major incidents out in the wilderness of Vermont and that can catch the school off-guard. As for Midd’s reputation, jobs are on the line as more and more employers look to screen their applicants online (let’s just say Midd likes it when their grads find jobs).

Is this going to stop MiddKids from doing anything differently? No. It’s clear that all this is old news to most students. Only now is the administration catching up to something that’s popping up in the media on a daily basis. Students love their Facebook and don’t like to be told (or really even suggested) to do anything different from the norm. Take this wonderful parody by a classmate of mine, Jimmy Wong (2009.5).