Class Act: Fall 2006

Besides auditions, I have spent the week in class! Here’s what’s up so far:

  1. Chinese 101: So the word is out, yes, I do speak some Chinese but not Mandarin. I can imagine some of my classmates already hating my guts for not struggling entirely as much as them. Admittedly Chinese is hard, even for a person who comes from a semi-native household. The teachers (Du and Mu Laoshi) are just wonderful and understanding, though. They realize that they are throwing us 15 characters each night, and conversations in class, and listening CDs, and pinyin romanization, and tone charts, and much more. I enjoy the classes thoroughly but know it is going to take a good amount of effort to really be on top of things. Middlebury language is reknowned for a reason: they will get us to know how to read, write, and speak Chinese until it’s coming out of our ears.
  2. Environmental Studies, Nature’s Meanings: This is my literature course of the semester. I find myself wanting, needing something to read and think about. My aversion of the philosophical means I get to take courses like this which have fun themed interdisciplinary readings in the humanities. I like the course and the teacher. My only fear is that the readings could get a little boring considering our general topic is “nature.”
  3. Intermediate Economics: I intended to take this course last semester but was scared away by a scary professor who did multivariable calculus on the first day. Now, I show up and things are hunky dory. Unfortunately, the teacher lacks the wit and the teaching skills of a Jennifer Min (my high school Econ teacher) but at least I am getting the concepts so far. Word up to elasticity and demand curves!
  4. Theater I, Acting: So, I couldn’t stay away from the theater department. Now I am in acting one but at least I feel at ease seeing as a few freshmen have heard of Stanislovski before. I am with Alex Draper, who most famously appeared on Sex and the City for an episode. I don’t like the traditional “method” acting anywhere near as much as other forms or hybrids I’ve done before but, hey, it’s an experience. I auditioned and was calledback for a first-year faculty directed show. Seeing as I am overcommitted as it is, I doubt I will be able to do it even if I am selected but might as well give it a shot. I missed acting (in all its glory)…