Spring Classes

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t grow more confused about what I am going to major/minor in at Middlebury. I suppose it’s normal but I sure got a case of chronic indecision as of right now. I tell people I am majoring in International Politics and Economics (IPE) and I’m on course to completing that major. But I’m really not sure about it as I continually hear of more classes I want to take. Here are some possibilities for the spring:

  1. International Politics: This is a tough PoliSci requirement that brings the reading in droves but also is fascinating in relation to current events. I may delay taking this to the Fall of 2006 in order to take it with Mark Williams, a highly regarded but tough professor.
  2. Chinese 103: This is the continuation of Chinese 101 started in the Fall. We’ll still meet 7 times a week but hopefully the routine will be the same so it’ll be workable.
  3. THEA Production: After spending two weeks auditioning for faculty shows, I feel like I need to be enrolled in a course where I get credit for acting and being part of a production.
  4. Sociolinguistics: This is a new course on my radar having started Chinese with Professor Du this semester. While I think learning standard Beijing Mandarin is great, I want to know more about dialects and the interactions of language with society. In English but in the Chinese dept.
  5. Econ 255 – Macro Theory: This is the Macro counterpart to the intermediate Micro course I’m in now. Hopefully it’ll have more of a current events theme to it than the dry Micro Theory.
  6. Creative Process: This is a core course for theater majors. I don’t really want to be a theater major but if I take enough theater courses, I might as well get some kind of recognition. This course will put me on track to being a theater major or minor. It involves movement, design, and acting in a hybrid course designed to push your senses of art.
  7. Sociology of Education: I want to get into some sociology courses mostly because many are fascinating topics on the human condition. Education has always been an interest of mine (from Summerbridge to DonorsChoose). My issue with becoming a sociology major or minor is that I have to take a series of rather boring intro courses on the great old greek philosophers.