NoteMesh – Collaborate to Graduate

NoteMesh is an idealistic note-taking application that may never catch on. As a student, it’s always a balance between working with classmates to learn and competing with them for a grade. At Middlebury, there is plenty of sharing and working with your classmates so NoteMesh collaboration might be a good idea. NoteMesh allows students to share notes, searchable by class, professor, etc. set up in a wiki style format. Taking one set of expanding class notes is fine and dandy but the real issue is getting students to really use it collectively. It’s use only is effective if a good percentage of the class gets involved in editing and creating the notes. I don’t think it’s realistic to think that one student is going to be brave and put up his notes hoping for others to pitch in. The incentive to take the free ride and not contribute is too high. Those who do contribute will grow tired of not benefitting from anyone else’s updates. That’s why getting this populations of students to use NoteMesh will be a challenge (I was the first person from Middlebury to log on to the service), possibly an insurmountable one