Email Anxieties?

I check my email probably six or seven times a day. It’s been argued that especially in non-job circumstances, email is one of the best forms of instant gratification. The more email you get, the more someone is thinking or caring about you. You’d think it’d be true for students too especially since each Facebook wall post shoots an email to your account.

But, as of late, I’ve been developing an anxiety toward checking my email. I do so out of habit, but I’ve been receiving my fair share of “unhappy” mail regarding MiddBlog. I’ve dealt with comments from admin bigwigs here at Middlebury. Most of the time, they aren’t saying anything particularly full of hate, but it wears on me to subconciously think the admin is after me. It’s that feeling that your in trouble for something like in Middle school. It’s actually better to get straight spiteful email. In fact, it keeps me blogging. I got one message today from an administrator that accused me of slamming a particular portion the college’s website. He made a valid point in that I should be more constructive, but his anger is what really came through in the email.

This points to the fact that it’s never particularly constructive to write an email under emotional duress. It’s always better to wait, calm down, and then write a reply or better yet, meet in person. Most heated situations can be greatly cooled face to face.

This experiment with MiddBlog and the responses to it are really good for helping me practice being consistently diplomatic. Edgy but diplomatic. I am trying to feel out a new style of writing and thinking. Email will continue to be full of surprises but I am slowly adapating to welcome the new challenges.


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