Class Act, A New Blog

As of this morning, and the SF Chronicle went live with their new “Community Blogs” section of their website. Essentially, they launched a blogging platform for the many millions of readers of to connect to one another by creating profiles, sharing pictures, exchanging comments, and writing blogs. The service is by no means revolutionary in technology but it does bring blogging to masses.

I am one of 20 or so folks who are helping launch the Community Blogs with a featured blog. Mine is entitled: Class Act, a blog dedicated to delving into the world higher education. We were chosen through the Two Cents program which I blogged recently here and here. The group is a diverse one representing folks from across the Bay Area from an Oakland schoolteacher to an active 70 year old from San Mateo to a liberal gay man from the Mission district.

This means that my blogging habits will change. I will be cross-posting my education and Middlebury posts over to the site. I am aiming for around 3-4 posts a week on those topics. Other topics from China to Technology will continue to appear here on I also will continue with MiddBlog for Middlebury College and with consulting efforts over at Whoa, that’s a lot of blogging…

Community Blogs has been over a year in the making for and several months of waiting for me too. I am genuinely delighted to be welcoming new readers and my own refocused effort on writing as well as critical thinking.

Thanks for the continued support!