Day 2: Foodie

It’s been all about the food since yesterday. Last night, we ate at the Stash Cafe (Rue St. Paule Ouest) in Vieux-Montreal. It’s not often that I would volunteer myself for Polish food but this was a delight complete with a talented pianist. Traditional borscht and a roast duck really made this quite the meal complete with Polish favorites like perogie, krokiety, and bigos.

This morning we trekked it via Metro to Fairmount Bagel for a different type of bagel. These bagels are smaller with big holes. They are traditionally boiled like the New York ones. I was particularly impressed with the whole wheat sesame bagel.

Lunch brought lighter fare at the Cafe Holt. I had an open faced sandwich with chicken and cheese with a salad on top.

Dinner was supposed to be the big Thanksgiving meal at Toque!, a french restaurant. We surprisingly chose a sampling menu: eight courses, a total surprise menu at the whim of the chef. Here’s what we got:

  1. Smoked salmon between two slices of potato chips (sandwich) with chive and creme fraiche
  2. Noca Scotia princess scallops marinated with cranberry juce, apple julienne, and topped with apple foam, served on half shells
  3. Grilled mackeral on a bed of toasted crumbs and mustard seed sauce topped with baby salad mix
  4. Five shrimps served between two thin slices of bread cooked in olive oil, drizzled with mayo, served on top of red bell pepper sauce, garnished with baby parsley
  5. Postage-stamp sized ravioli stuffed with squab with confit of baby bok choy, garlic, mushrooms, and pearl onion
  6. Veal medallion with puree of artichoke, butternut squash, honey mushroom, and black fennel
  7. Melted cheese on scallopped potatoes with beet reduction and olive oil
  8. a) Pineapple sherbet with coconut cream b) Breton berry sherbert with cream

I thought Toque! was nice but not stunningly good. It is supposedly one of the best in Montreal but there are a few things missing: lighting, hot plates, good tea, hotter food, better atmosphere, better menu setup.