Day 3: From the Mountaintop

Mother and Me

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A brief run-down of today’s events in Montreal

– I spilled hot tea over myself during breakfast
– We went to the Beaux-Arts Museum with a spotty permanent collection
– We picked up a pastrami sandwich at Schwartz’s Deli and took it to the fantastic SoupeSoup, where we ordered soup to top it off
– Yam soup is delicious and the pastrami sandwich may be better than that of Carnegie Deli in New York (gasp)
– Met up with my mother’s elementary school classmate, Maggie
– Went up to Mont Real, for which the city is named
– Climbed to the St. Joseph Oratory
– Went to eat a lovely Chinese dinner at the newest Chinese restaurant in Montreal Chinatown (it opened on Tuesday)
– Went to Tim Horton’s for a cup of tea to top off the evening

Fun day, all around. But alas, it looks like I will be returning to Middlebury early tomorrow in order to catch up with some work and get situated before the hectic final exam season.