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I can’t quite match the reading appetite of someone like Ben Casnocha, but I do like my news and news reading. I use a online newsreader to maximize the amount of information I get through each day.

When the New York Times sent me an email to test the Times Reader, I was more curious than anything. The idea: make online news reading more like reading the newspaper. Sure enough, the TimesReader serves that purpose exactly. There is no better program to recreate the experience of just browsing through the newspaper. Surely, you can’t get as much information in one sitting through the TimesReader as through a normal online newsfeed. But many times, you don’t want to just process a hundred news articles that look the same. The TimesReader allows your eyes to pick out what’s important and allows editors to signal to you want they think is important. Graphics and captions pop like in a real newspaper. Headlines look like headlines. At the same time, there is an online aspect to it: you can email articles, articles turn grey after you’ve read them, and you can search the texts. Better yet, the program is a piece of off-line software so you can download your newspaper and read it where you are not connected with the internet.

Overall, I really like the program so far. I love jus browsing the newspaper and TimesReader has made that experience come alive on the computer. Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think.


2 thoughts on “NYTimes Reader”

  1. I am going to test this out later because I like testing newish things. Sounds promising, we’ll have to compare experiences in a short while.

    I too consume ungodly amounts of information on a too-frequent basis. I’m becoming more and more addicted to the information, too. It’s probably not all that good of a thing. Having an unlimited data plan on my phone hasn’t helped matters since I got it. But daily, I read… the laundry list is very long. Does Ben list his OPML file or whatnot? I wonder if I could take him in an information-processing thunderdome battle. That’s a scary thought. I’ll just say: I damn well get my money’s worth out of my FeedDemon purchase.

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