The Ultimate Clean Room = Procrastination

On Facebook, there is a group entitled: “Nothing Gets Your Room Cleaner Than a Paper Due Tomorrow.” All 605 members of this global group agree that procrastination has amazing powers. People will do anything to avoid doing schoolwork. In fact, many will go out of their way to do more “work” than if they would just sit down finish a paper in one sitting. I know people who’ve rearranged and redecorated their room to avoid working. I know other who’ve started blogs at times like these…

Some people have such an aversion to big projects that they will do other do-able school work to avoid doing a big paper or studying for a huge exam. The key to avoiding such a situation: break projects down into small steps and attainable goals. That is not a breakthrough concept but you’d be surprised as to how often that little rule goes unchecked. A little bit of work each day goes a long way. Studying Chinese has reinforced this concept since I must review and practice each night or all my progress goes to all hell. I’m sure the Chinese have like five different sayings about “renewing daily progress” but I’ll save the Chinese proverbs for another post.

If do find yourself procrastinating, make your procrastination useful like the folks who joined the Facebook group. While I agree time to unwind, procrastination is not time to waste time. It’s time to shift time: do other things that are necessary whether it be laundry, room cleaning, note organizing, return teacher emails, etc. Those items will save you time later. Give a little time here, take a little time there and things should iron out.

P.S. I often am teased by friends that blogging is a time-waster for me. Does blogging count as procrastination? Sometimes but not that often. Blogging is something that sharpens my writing skills. It’s a daily renewal of writing, as a skill and that is important to me.


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  1. Nike has it right… “Just do it.” The key to busting procrastination is to GET STARTED on those big projects and papers. Don’t over think it. Even if you don’t have the whole strategy figured out, just start putting something on paper (or electronic file). Once you start it, it is not half as bad as you think.

  2. Ryan dear, I hope you aren’t including me with the friends that say blogging is wasting time! I merely concerned that you are letting yourself get pulled in a billion and 1.5 directions. Besides, if you dont blog I know A.C.E. and I will certainly be missing the wonderful force that makes the administration so “happy.”

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