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Yes, folks it has finally snowed in the Northeast! Middlebury got its first dusting last week but the real stuff came at the end of Thursday with several inches of the white stuff accompanied by frigid temperatures.

It’s amazing how weather so drastically dictates not only the character of the school but also the personalities of its students. Middlebury feels like such a different place when there is snow on the ground. There’s a sudden shift from rural cow farms to this winter white fortress.

But the real shift is in personalities, the winter fortress brings an excitement to the campus, as if every trip outdoors is an adventure of the unknown (hint: I went skiing today for the opening of the ski season!). The weather also gives people something to talk or complain about.

So I’m glad it has finally snowed. At most, it will keep inside studying this week and at least, it has brightened my spirits for a day or two.


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