Holiday Gift Guide

This is what I recommended on MiddBlog to buy for the holiday season. That doesn’t mean the rest of you can’t get in on the fun. Pick something up for your sibling, parent, significant other. Oh and most of this stuff I already have so don’t even think about using this list to get me something…grrrr.

  • Threadless T-Shirts – So their $10 sale ends tomorrow, so better get on this if you want to pick up a crazy tee for a sibling or hipster parent. All printed on sweatshop-free American Apparrel clothing.
  • Timbuk2 Bag – Okay, this one would just be getting a bag for yourself. Customize and be colorful because nothing’s worse than three panels of potential and you choose: black, black, and black. Also new specialty bags for the girlies.
  • One More Drifter in the Snow – Aimee Mann has got the smoothest voice since Karen Carpenter (do you know who she is?). She croons Christmas music on this CD and it should be just the way to loosen up after finals. Order it in time for when you get home. [via VSL]
  • Moleskine Notebook – You’re a big kid now. No more princess diaries with a lock and key. Get a function diary, notebook, datebook, address book, etc. Moleskine notebooks are sturdy but hip. And they’re black too, which means they can be your little black book… [via MightyGoods]
  • 24: Season Five – Okay, admit it. You’re a hardcore 24 fan. New season starts in J-term. Get last season on DVD.
  • Little Miss Sunshine – If you’re going to get an actual movie for someone, it should be this one. Funny, dark, twisted, funny — this one should really get someone’s goat and it’s watchable many, many times.
  • Next – So you want to feel educated while reading a fiction book over break. This is it. Sci-fi to the max as Michael Chrichton (author of Jurassic Park, Sphere, a lot of other books turned into movies) delivers his latest on genetics.
  • Midd Gear – Bookstore is having a sale! Someone bought a Middlebury snowglobe today… Wow.
  • Gift Cert – Everyone hates gift cards to like Macy’s or some other place that sells on clothes. Get your giftee a gift card to get anything at Amazon — or maybe just books for next semester.