Plight of the Asian Kid

It’s finals week. Stress abounds. Students ready to break at any moment. And I get this email:

Keep studying those economics and math and Chinese.
Check out the featured story on today… “A $16 billion bonus.”  That is the reason one should work in investment banking… Goldman Sachs has record earnings and give out an average of $600,000+ bonus to each employee.  Of course, some gets $50 million and some less.  Don’t forget the national average household income is around $50,000.  Money is not everything, until you don’t have it.
Love, MA

Is it wrong to be entirely irked by this sort of “reminder?” Okay, my mother also sent me a bag of dried mangoes to encourage me during finals but can she get more Asian parent on me? Funny thing is, I read that Yahoo article on Goldman Sachs about five hours before she sent this…