Just the Real Ryan Kellett Please

Several months ago, Facebook.com released a feature adding a “Notes” or essentially a blog-like application for users to sound off on whatever and whatever. One of the key elements of the new feature was the ability to syndicate content from your existing blog, if you had one. So, I did just that. The posts from this blog (ryankellett.com) were fed into Facebook for a couple hundred “friends” to see.

A month or so ago, I made a switch from syndicating my personal blog on my Facebook to syndicating MiddBlog on my Facebook. It was an effort to increase readership and awareness about MiddBlog on the Middlebury College campus. The issue? A 100+ friends outside Middlebury (who have little to no use for MiddBlog) also received those posts through their Facebook news feed and by looking through my profile.

But no more, MiddBlog now has its own Facebook, and my personal Facebook account has returned to normal status. Hooray!