Broken Record

15 Hours, 2 meals, 14 Songs, a couple of oreos, a few arguments over a single note, and a few blissful moments later, The Mountain Ayres have finished recording. Last Sunday, we recorded at historic Mead Chapel at Middlebury College. It was quite a day of recording but the group held up well considering the circumstances. Most groups usually reserve several days to record a CD but we managed to complete that work in a single day. The soaring acoustics of an empty Mead Chapel gave us the perfect opportunity to record in situ instead of in a recording studio. Madrigals and most vocal early music sounds best in a space where the sound can reverberate (i.e. echo like the cathedrals of Europe).

I was really proud of the group for pulling through in what often times were tough situations. I can’t say that I learned anything profoundly new from the recording but it reminded of the energy and commitment that is necessary to be invested in a project.


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