Chinese Complete

I am officially made it through J-Term Chinese (CHNS 102) and now can re-commence blogging. I enjoyed a very intense month mostly because I was very dedicated to one thing: learning a language. By the end of the month, I was really able to think, work, and play in Chinese. To be able to point to an object and not translate from English, but just know what it is in Chinese, is really amazing. The Chinese department here at Middlebury does an excellent job teaching how to think in Chinese rather than to simply be able to translate.

I also appreciated a few of the “cultural activities” of J-Term Chinese. We watched a few movies: Shower, Spicy Love Soup, and Eat Drink Man Woman. We played some ping pong and badmitton. But we also had a great last hoorah party: a cooking party. We packed the house where I live with 50 Chinese students, a few special guests, and the Chinese dept. teachers. Check out the photos:


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  1. congrats on making it through chinese. nice to have you back blogging – it was a little worrying when you hadn’t updated in over a week!

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