Just after writing a post about being “overcommitted,” I have come up with another commitment. Today, I accepted a paid position as the Web Development Executive for the Middlebury College Activities Board (MCAB). This on-campus social powerhouse is the major programming board for Middlebury College students planning everything from the upcoming Guster concert to weekly movies.

I think this is a natural step for me after starting MiddBlog last October. MiddBlog was supposed to be the catch-all for events on campus mixed in with some snappy commentary as well as funny blurb now and again. I tried and succeeded through the first phase: getting attention. MiddBlog has steady stream of student readers but by no means can that audience be considered a critical mass. In fact, the attention really came from the adminstration who red flagged the website as a public relations nightmare before becoming more open to it.

My concept is to build an MCAB website that becomes central to student life. And the potential is there since MCAB is already the major programming board and will become even more powerful next year with centralized funding. If I can build an audience for the MCAB site, MiddBlog may survive as a subsidiary to promote smaller, lesser-known events as well as student commentary. The more I think about it, I got MiddBlog wrong to begin with because Middlebury students are not Wesleyan students (blog: Wesleying). I was trying to recreate what Wesleying was doing without a type of campus that would necessarily be open to that.

So I will begin over the next few weeks to shift my online focus away from MiddBlog to MCAB. My hopes are to return to MiddBlog once MCAB is up and running. I will see if I can integrate in MiddBlog as a forum for student use and perhaps this time I will get things right.