Feel My Wireless Pain

I am stuck in JFK airport five and a half hours. JetBlue stranded me here after being late arriving and then closing the doors on my connecting flight. But that, alas, is not the bad part.

What’s worse than providing no wireless internet in the airport? Providing free wireless internet that you cannot connect to. Sitting here for hours has left me enough time to tell all the hapless souls who have flipped open their laptops in hopes of checking their mail one last time before boarding that the wireless is really spotty. Macs seem to have been luck than PCs but still, everyone is constantly checking their connections wondering what is going on. One man has taken to walking around with his laptop open trying to find the connection. Another gentlemen, on his old school iBook (colored editions — his is green) has restarted his computer six times at last count. What could be the cause of this? Well, the JetBlue terminal is teeming with laptop users. My guess is that they really have overloaded the system. JetBlue provides 24 power outlets in two main areas of its terminal. 24? There are more people waiting for power outlets than for the women’s restroom.

Now, back to regularly scheduled programming…

Update: I made it back to Middlebury at 2AM. The 10:50PM flight from JFK left at 11:50PM after waiting for a number of passengers who were coming in on connecting flights. That’s funny, I was coming in on a connecting flight earlier in the day. We waited an hour for them but they couldn’t wait 5 minutes for me? Anyway, I got to Burlington airport only to be informed that Middlebury Transit, my ride back to Middlebury had decided not to come at such a late hour. Luckily, I recognized some Middkids and hitched a ride. I sitll like JetBlue but they lost a few points overall.