The Five Hysterical Girls Theorem

Those of you who have seen me in person over the last few weeks noticed by totally-chill new look — the shaggy hipster hair. Well, fear not, I have an excuse to keep my hair in my eyes! I am growing my hair out for the play, The Five Hysterical Girls Theorem by Rinne Groff. As my debut on the Middlebury College stage, I play a Dutch mathematician named Botte von Vriesland. This has been my first crack at real accent work (unfortunately, Iolanthe doesn’t quite count because anyone can do a varient of British). It has also been a challenge to not break into song every five minutes…

I have been both grateful and bitter about being in the production. I love theater. It brings me to emotional and psychological levels that are missing from my day-to-day life. To be surrounded by an enthusiastic, creative, and talented cast has been wonderful. I think I need to retain some level of theater in my life moving forward. It keeps me thinking on my feet and active. But one of the things that bothers me is the schedule of a theatre-geek. I have to rearrange my schedule every two weeks after a director hands down a new schedule. This is particularly problematic considering the number of other activties I engage in here at Middlebury. Theatre pushes its way to the top of the priority list whether you want it to or not. It’s not a function of the director. It’s a function of the organization and process.

Will I continue acting here at Middlebury? TBD.