CBlogs.NET for Sale

It makes me sad to cblogs.net go up for sale by Kelly Xiayu Jin. On her blog, she writes that the reason for the sale is that “Bloggers and administrators alike have been busy with our main occupation, which is being a student!” It’s true. Busy and involved students such as ourselves can’t find real time to run a site properly.

Whoever does end up taking it over (heck, I might consider a bid if only to keep it the mission alive), I hope stays true to the mission of cblogs.net:

Welcome to the College Blogs Network (cblogs.net), a place where we pride ourselves on being the first of our kind with quite an ambitious goal – a selective blog network for college bloggers. Student lives on campuses across the world will be documented right here, reachable within a few clicks. Read what’s really going on at your college or at the colleges you’re applying to – not what’s in the brochures.

I believe firmly that college blogs can be invaluable for schools and students everywhere. As students make decisions on where to go for the next four years, forget what the glossy catalogues tell you and go with what real students say. Admins, don’t worry so much about blogs…most of the time they help you!