Mt. Ayres CD Finally Released!

After several months of production, the new Mountain Ayres CD, Ayrefare, has finally been released!

I have been singing with the Mt. Ayres since I came to Middlebury in February 2006. Since I do not sing withe the Chamber Singers on campus, I’ve been channeling my classical training and upbringing into the Mt. Ayres which mostly sing madrigals — pop songs of the Renaissance. We’re a small group of eight. Since the beginning of this year, and through this recording, I was the only bass. This spring the group picked up another bass to improve our efforts.

Overall, I am happy with the CD. It is not a CD that was recorded at Skywalker Sound at LucasValley — where StarWars and such are recorded. We settled for the acoustics of an empty Mead Chapel here at Middlebury College. It’s not a CD that has been mixed to the maximum either. For the most part, I see this CD as a good effort but more as stepping stone for the group.

You can purchase the CD through the Middlebury College Bookstore for $10+ shipping. Thanks for your support!

Look out for my other group, Stuck in the Middle (SIM), to release a CD at the end of the summer! I will also be on a top-notch classical recording with the San Francisco Boys Chorus recorded at Skywalker Sound and featuring the beautiful melodies of Gabriel Faure.