Bjorn Lomborg Reads My Blog?

I indeed had dinner with Copenhagen Consensus economist Bjorn Lomborg today during perhaps one of the most awkward gatherings of all time. I see the idea of having students meet with special guests as an opportunity but it is awkward when students do not really grasp the idea of an informal gathering. Students treated meeting Bjorn more as a question and answer session with him. While he was quite articulate and accomodating toward answering questions, the dinner could have used a few more soft-topic questions to grease the wheels. Someone needed to ask, “Bjorn, what’s your favorite candy?”

On a separate note, when I sat down to dinner with Bjorn, I mentioned that I was from San Francisco and he quickly replied with a, “you’re the one who wrote the blog post.” …Excuse me? How the heck would you know that last night I wrote a blog post on the fact that I would be having dinner with you tonight? Well, as it turns out, Bjorn likes to read his Google ego-search results (the man has a bit of an ego but, not to worry, he backs it up). Essentially, he has a news feed of all the “new” postings on the internet that mention his name. My post came up because I listed his name in my post last night.

So, Bjorn, if you’re reading: thank you for coming to Middlebury College. You’re an interesting guy. Perhaps you can share a comment with my readers about what you thought about Middlebury? Or maybe you want to answer what your favorite candy is?